12 Best Backlink Checker Tool Online


Backlink checkers are the most important tools to analyze the backlinks of your competitors. If you want to flourish in the online world, you simply cannot ignore Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In this respect, one of the most basic and important tasks concerned with SEO is the creation and checking of backlinks.


Here, I have come up with a unique and comprehensive list of Best Backlink Checker Tools.

  1. Open Site Explorer – https://moz.com/researchtools/ose/
  2. Backlinktest.com – http://www.backlinktest.com/
  3. Backlink Watch – http://www.backlinkwatch.com/
  4. Majestic – https://www.majestic.com/
  5. SEMrush – https://www.semrush.com/
  6. Ahrefs Backlink Checker – https://ahrefs.com/backlink-checker
  7. Linkbird – https://www.linkbird.com/
  8. Linkody – https://www.linkody.com/
  9. MoonSearch – http://www.moonsearch.com/
  10. RankSignals.com – https://www.ranksignals.com/
  11. SmallSEOTools.com – https://www.ranksignals.com/
  12. Indexicon – http://www.indexicon.com/free-backlink-checker

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