Top Free SEO Tools & SEO Software 2016-2017


To compete with SEO, it’s essential to have the best tools at your fingertips enabling you to find new opportunities, save time and keep track of how your SEO can be boosted. We think that harnessing the insight available from tools isn’t just important for SEO specialists, but essential whether you’re Director of Search for a multi-national business, digital marketing manager, working as an account manager in digital marketing agency, owner of an SME, even if you run your own blog.


Here are some of the top free SEO tools,

# Page URL Page Rank Alexa Rank
1 Page rank 7 2066
2 Page rank 6 362
3 Page rank 6 30435
4 Page rank 5 676
5 Page rank 5 11394
6 Page rank 5 19970
7 Page rank 4 1500
8 Page rank 4 9076
9 Page rank 4 12525
10 Page rank 4 28793

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